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The Darkling Chronicles


White Mountain

Amongst our modern world lies another, an archaic and hidden world of tradition, sorcery and magic.

As dark demons awaken from our past, the last remaining wizards are being hunted and murdered by a changeling of terrifying strength.

Attacked and drained of most of his powers, a dying sorcerer must race against time to save himself, and the fate of all, from an enemy intent on cleansing the planet of humanity…

Darkness spreads as friendships, betrayals and horrifying truths await…

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You can find more information and reviews at The Darkling Chronicles

A Friendship Forged

The time of dragons was passing…

Amidst the shifting darkness, primitive human tribes ruled the mountain realms with brutality.

Drawn by the fÿrrensong of a dying dragon, a wandering mage stumbles across a nemesis more ruthless than he could have imagined and sets into motion a chain of events which will change his life forever.

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The Siege of Kallorm

Kallorm, an ancient metropolis beneath the Congolese jungles, long known to only a few forest dwelling humans, finds itself in the maelstrom of a deadly attack by its greatest enemy.

Besieged by war, Kallorm’s finest warriors must sacrifice everything for the survival of their city…but in times of glorious war, even heroes fail.

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Short stories

A World Of Their Own

An awesome anthology of fantasy, sci-fi and literary short stories by ‘The Alliance of Worldbuilders’ (AWB). ALL profits go to a charity, a very worthy cause – The World Literacy Fund. I have three short stories in the anthology, ‘The Wishing Tree’, ‘Happiness is a lie’, and ‘The Artist’ as well as 6 fab illustrations. Amazon UK  &  Amazon US

H is for Hawkesbury

An anthology of short stories, poetry and novel extracts from the inaugural Hawkesbury Upton Literary Festival, published 19th August 2015. I did the illustration for the front cover and have one of my favourite ‘White Mountain’ excerpts in it – Amazon UK

Fight Like A Girl

This brilliant all-female anthology was launched to great critical acclaim at the historic Hatchet in Bristol in 2016. A kick-ass anthology featuring some of the best women SFF writers in the country, focusing on strong female protagonists in science fiction and fantasy. I’m very proud to be one of the featured writers and have a sci-fi short story in this, ‘Silent Running’. Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Shadows of the Oak

A wonderfully dark collection of equally dark fairy tales and sequel to ‘Willow Weep No More’. I have a magical Russian fairy tale, ‘The Orphan and the Iron Troll’, in this and two illustrations.  Amazon UK and Amazon US.













The majority of my poetry and ‘poetic forms’ can be found on my blog here.

Most of my poetry has been influenced by two primary factors:

  • my profound and abiding love of nature and natural landscapes, which continually inspire my work…
  • and my traumatic first hand experiences of domestic violence – exploring themes of alcoholism, isolation, depression and their impact on mental health.

Here are a few of my poems, including a prize winning piece ‘Distillations on Silence’.

Distillations on Silence

Throbbing of swollen ears,

Glass coated larynx.

The mirror only tells one truth,

The hollow space in front,

Not the deadness inside.


Whiskey breath,

Clots of blood beneath your eye lids.

That last shot of poison did the trick.


Innocuous sounds from the television drift into the room.

Life continues outside,





The central heating clicks off

And so do you


…down to the very last drop.


Sophie E Tallis © 1996


Cirrhosis of the Soul

The old man shuffled under the weight of false contrition. Glassy eyes, black and fleeting, flicked up for a moment searching for a sign of acceptance…hoping for warmth.


Shoes like scraped chalk, yellow stinking breath, shaggy bearded growths flecked with grey from between the cracks. The figure was a mess. A creature to be pitied…but the danger still lurked. You could sense it just under the skin, a sudden metallic taste in the mouth, the feeling of rising bile.


‘It’ sat down with all the grace and triumph of an aged prize fighter. Its eyes darkly fixed, flickered with malice and pride. Its progeny had returned. It was still important, still in control. The puppet master had not lost its strings.


Sophie E Tallis © 1998


Misspent Drinking

Those screaming silences

Between stilted conversations

With old friends you cannot recall.


Lives so alien and different now,

But you were once thicker than breath,

Thicker than blood,

Bound together in each other’s angst’s and melodramas.


Years later now,

Suits now.

Staring blankly at each other over polite mutterings and cappuccinos,

Lives as empty as the foam crusted cups before you.


Sophie E Tallis © 2003


Hot Insomnia

The silver shimmer slid away,

Light dancing on water,

Heat haze above the roads.

As dusk falls, and the air cools

I think I hear the sigh of the sea.

Hot insomnia abounds

Winding, clinging sheets

And suffocating downs.

Wet behind ears,

Stingy eyes, sticky arms,

The closeness of thunder without the storm.

I dream of sparkling oceans and their breeze

The cascade of waterfalls,

The tinkle of ice in glass

And tender coldness under foot of grass.

These stifling sleepless nights,

And breathless airless days,

Sun baked earth, windless sky,

So uncommon to our verdant shores,

This ancient rain-soaked isle

So used to washed out summers,

Now sizzles in July.


Sophie E Tallis © 2013